Homage to Michael Kenna

I first came across Michael Kenna in the early 1980s when I devoured anything to do with black and white photography. I saw his prints at The Photographers Gallery in London where they were for sale.

In 1984 I left an advertising agency I was working for and was asked if I had any thoughts on what my colleagues might like to kindly give me as a leaving present. This is why I now possess a wonderful Michael Kenna print called ‘Broughton Castle’.

Since those early days Michael has gone on to achieve world wide fame and is recognised and as one of today’s leading photographers. His minimalistic, simple imagery belies the huge amount of effort he takes to track down his subject matter. I recently took the atmospheric shot below of a single tree standing alone in a snow covered meadow in North Yorkshire (UK),  during our endless winter. I wasn’t thinking of Michael when I took it but having processed it, I would like to think that he might give it his nod of approval.

The image is in a square format and slightly toned as per his preferences:

It only leaves me to point you in the direction of his website and a short video featuring him photographing in Hokkaido, an island  in Northern Japan.

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